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It’s Not Nuts!

Baking keto foods relies heavily on nut flours. I found that grinding unsalted sunflower seeds into a fine meal works really well in most recipes, for those who are nut free. While both are a pretty keto friendly, nuts are not entirely carb free. My husband is getting close to his goal, and seemed to be stuck. We decided to try breaking things loose for him, by reducing our net carb load below the 20 net carbs per day, recommended for weight loss. So, I started looking at the lowest carb “flour/meal” I could come up with to experiment with, while we do this week of ultra low carb.

What I discovered is organic shelled hemp hearts, which have approximately 1 carb per 3 Tbsp. with 1 gram of fiber. This means it is virtually carb free.

A little word about hemp hearts. Some of you may think that hemp hearts is a marijuana byproduct. It isn’t. Marijuana plants are a “hemp” plant, but they are the female plant.

Hemp is the male plant, which contains very minute traces of THC (the substance in marijuana that results in a high). So, you would have to eat the seeds in huge quantities, to even test trace for THC. Also, the tiny traces of THC in the hemp seeds, are in the hulls. So, by purchasing the shelled version, there is virtually no chance you will test positive for any illegal substances.

I used the Hemp Hearts 2 ways, I ground some into a meal, and then I also used the seeds as they came in the bag. There was no noticeable difference in the texture of the bread that I made with it. Therefore, in my opinion, it isn’t worth the extra time to grind them. Also, just like flax seeds, Hemp Hearts need to go into the refrigerator after opening.

The finished product in the first batch, had a bit of an herbal after taste. So, I rolled with it and decided to make the bread more of an herb bread. I modified the 3-min Keto Bread Recipe to adapt to the Hemp Hearts. I also learned, that the bread takes about 30 seconds longer to fully cook.

I did do one of my quick microwave cupcakes and they turned out a bit greenish. The taste was fine. I intend to do a bit more experimenting, maybe as a zucchini bread, or by adding a bit of butternut squash, the color can be downplayed. If those don’t work, well there is always chocolate!

I made the bread which was good on its own in a sandwich and also with just some butter slathered on it. Then the next batch I decided to make mini pizzas. I will include both recipes.

Here is where I purchased the Hemp Hearts, you will probably also find them at health food stores, or places like Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, or Whole Foods.

Remember you can click on the recipe name to be taken to a printer friendly version.


1 Tbsp butter-melted

1/3 cup Shelled Hemp Hearts
1 scoop MCT powder (optional)
1 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
1/4 tsp Italian Herbs
1/4 garlic or onion powder

How to:

In a microwave safe dish melt butter (about 30 seconds).

Mix in all other ingredients adding eggs last and mix thoroughly.


Batter takes a bit more mixing than other quick bread, will the consistency of pancake batter.

Microwave on high for 2 1/2 mins.


Let cool for a minute or so, dump out of dish and slice.
Makes 4 slices.

Keto Mini Pizzas

1 loaf Keto 4-min Herb Bread-cut into 4 slices

2 Tbsp Pesto
1 mini bell pepper sliced
2 Tbsp sliced olive
4 artichoke hearts (or pickled jalapeños)
4 slices of Ham (or 12 pieces of pepperoni or both)

8 slices of Havarti, Meunster, or other cheese

How to:

Preheat oven to 400° F.  Line baking sheet with parchment paper.

Make and slice the Keto 4-min Herb Bread.

Spread pesto onto each of the bread slices.


Add Peppers, artichoke hearts (or your own favorite pizza toppings)


Lay one slice of cheese over each slice, then layer meat, then finish with remaining slice of cheese.


Bake for about 5 mins, or until the cheese is melted.


These were actually pretty good refrigerated and reheated in the microwave later.



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