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Winner, winner, chicken fried dinner!

Having a good fry coating is essential for any self-respecting carb junkie. So, here is my go-to for a nice coating that will fry up to a nice crispy golden. Now, I am all about giving credit where credit is due, for my inspirations. But, honestly have seen many, many variations of this in cookbooks and on the web, so not sure who to give credit to. It seems using a meal made from ground pork rinds is one of the keto coating gold standards.

I am going to show you two examples of how I have used this coating mix, here. But, I have also successfully made fried pickles with the same coating and at some point am going to try doing jalapeño poppers (if they are a success, you will likely see them here at some point). The point is, please try this out on anything you think might taste good, then please do share, what worked and what didn’t. I know my blog is pretty new, but it is meant to be a collaboration of all of us that are on this keto adventure, so I would love to hear what you think of my recipes, any tips you have, what worked, what didn’t…etc.

I look forward to your posts!
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Coating mix:

1 3/4 cups finely crushed or ground pork rinds

1/4 cup finely grated or powdered Parmesan or Romano cheese
salt, pepper and favorite (low-salt) seasoning combination
Egg dip:
2 eggs beaten
2 Tbsp heavy cream

How to:

Crush pork rind or grind in food processor into a fine meal.


Add cheese and seasonings and mix well.


Can be stored in an air-tight container until ready to use.

To use coating, beat eggs and heavy cream together and dip meat or vegetables into the egg dip, coat well.



Move meat or vegetables into a gallon ziplock bag with the coating mix.



Coat well with the coating and place immediately into a pre-heated skillet with oil (should be heated to just below the smoke point for your oil).


Fry until all sides are golden and crisp, you can also deep fry, or crisp in fry pan then finish in the oven.



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