First Run Pre-order

We are scheduling time in the Catapult Kitchen (https://catapultlakeland.com) to do the first run of low carb dry mixes.We have limited inventory storage space so, we will be scheduling time based on the orders we receive. So, if it looks like something is out of stock, this will be a temporary situation. Once we have a better idea of the amount of inventory we need to have on hand, this will even out.

Orders over $65 are eligible for free shipping, or if you are local you can request to pick up your product. We will post the dates that we will be at the LDDA Lakeland Curbside Farmer’s Market (http://downtownfarmerscurbmarket.org).

We are very excited to begin offering our mixes and are striving to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. Thank you in advance for your support and we hope that you love the mixes.

If you have tried our mixes, please take the time to rate the one’s you have tried. We would also love to hear your suggestions and feedback, as we strive to bring you the best quality low carb mixes.

Because healthy should still taste good!